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"Findlater Castle: Unveiling Secrets, Phantom Maids, and Coastal Adventures!"

🏰 Dive into the enchanting world of Aberdeenshire's castle extravaganza! Picture this: more castles per acre than you can count, scattered across the picturesque North East landscape. But among the splendid lot, one stands out like a legendary rockstar – Findlater Castle!


Perched majestically on a 50-foot-high cliff overlooking the Moray Firth on the Banff and Buchan coast, Findlater Castle is a medieval gem that can make an entrance. Nestled about 15 km west of Banff, near the charming village of Sandend, it's a historical heavyweight with a flair for drama.


Quartz cliffs, check! Viking history, check! The first mention dates back to 1246, with a royal makeover by King Alexander III in the 1260s. The Norwegians even crashed the party for a while, adding a dash of international intrigue. James V of Scotland paid a visit in 1535, possibly in search of some ancient vibes.

 Here's where the plot thickens – enter the Ogilvy family saga. There's a touch of scandal, a plot to imprison Dad, and even a scandalous marriage, all happening within Findlater's medieval walls. Fast forward to 1638, and James Ogilvy, the 1st Earl of Findlater, decides to build a shinier residence nearby, leaving the castle to bask in its historical glory.


But hold on, it's not just history that lingers around Findlater Castle. Legend has it that a Phantom Maid roams the ruins, eternally searching for a lost child. Imagine the suspense as the nanny, carrying the infant Ogilvy, accidentally slips near the window, leading to a ghostly tale that echoes through time.


Now, let's talk logistics for your castle quest. Findlater sits proudly on a rocky outcrop, offering scenic coastal views that are Instagram-worthy. It's off the beaten track, accessible by a narrow path with sheer drops, making it an adventure. Time 1-2 hours for your visit – it's free, and trust me, the view is worth every minute. Please take care on the descent.


To embark on this epic journey, follow the brown tourist signs from the A98 to the Barnyards of Findlater. There's a parking spot waiting, and from there, a half-mile stroll along a grassy path will lead you to the cliffs and the castle's interpretive board. Don't miss the Doocot, a 1500s beehive dovecot, standing as a silent witness to centuries of castle tales.


So, are you ready for a rendezvous with Findlater Castle? It's time to channel your inner explorer and let the adventure unfold! 🏰🗺️ #CastleQuest #FindlaterAdventure #GhostlyLegends


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